Shop IPL to Save Money and
Save the Planet!

New Online Store Offers
Affordable Energy Efficiency Solutions
for Congregations and Their Members is an online store designed to help faith communities and their members reduce global warming and air pollution through energy efficiency. New Mexico Interfaith Power & Light is one of 23 “IPL” organizations throughout the country that are collaborating to bring energy efficiency and climate stewardship to local faith communities.

How Does Work? functions for local faith communities much like the fair trade coffee programs that many congregations participate in already:

  • Congregations can buy products like compact fluorescent light bulbs for use in their houses of worship.
  • Congregations can aggregate orders for their members’ homes and businesses.
  • Youth groups or other congregational ministries can sell the energy efficient products for fundraisers.

Can I Buy Products for My Own Home Direct from

Yes! Individuals can also purchase directly from the website.

How Can My Congregation Sign Up and Start Ordering?

Simply set up an account at Before you enter your congregation’s name, check to see if your congregation is already listed in the “drop-down menu”—many New Mexico congregations are already on the list.

I Don’t Know That Much About Energy Efficient Products—What if I Get Confused? is an especially good resource for consumers who are new to the idea of energy efficiency because the site includes detailed descriptions of products and explains how they save energy.

How Can I Be Sure the Quality Is Good?

Products sold on meet the federal government’s EnergyStar guidelines for energy efficiency. The products are chosen by teams of energy efficiency experts and are the same high quality products that utility companies across the country offer to their customers through local energy efficiency programs.

How Can I Be Sure the Prices Are Competitive? gets great prices through Energy Foundation, Inc., one of the leading residential distributors of energy efficiency-related products in the United States. In addition, congregations and their members who purchase from the site can receive a 10 percent discount by entering the code “shopIPL” during checkout.

How Can I Find Out More?

Visit for more information or to place an order!

A portion of your purchase will support New Mexico Interfaith Power & Light organization.