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In accordance with Executive Order 13777, “Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda,” EPA is seeking input on regulations that may be appropriate for repeal, replacement, or modification.

In an effort to generate a large amount of comments to support the EPA we have created an action page.  We also have a link to the public comment phone call on Monday.  Please share these with your network.

Here is our link to the Take Action page:


Join a Public Meeting or write a letter to protect the EPA

Last month, Donald Trump issued an executive order instructing the EPA and other federal agencies to “reform” (read: dismantle) regulations that protect our environment and health. But it’s not as simple as that, and the EPA has a public process it must implement before any regulatory changes. And now, the EPA has begun a public comment period to get feedback on the order.
Find out how to join a call
Write a letter to the EPA and the President

Write a personalized note to your Legislator to be delivered on Lobby Day

On April 27th IPL leaders will descend on Washington to educate and advocate for action on climate.  We will hand deliver your notes to your legislators.  Fill out the form for what you would like to say and we will print them out and deliver them for you.

You can make an even bigger difference by reaching out to others in your community and encouraging them to participate. If we all do that, we’ll reach countless people in faith communities across the country, which will build our capacity and our collective power to reduce our carbon footprint and protect Creation. Thank you for showing your love for Creation during Earth Week.

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